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Q: Annuities

2014 August 18

A Dave is not totally against Annuities but their priority in your financial plan is fairly far down the list. It really depends where you are in your “Baby Steps and Debt Snowball”.  Dave frowns upon making an annuity type investment while still in debt and if you have not maxed out other investment options such as your employer retirement plan and possibly even a Roth IRA, which grows tax free. If at a point where you have paid off debt and have utilized all other more productive options, then an annuity does offer some tax deferred growth and can be part of a logical plan. There are just several other more productive steps to take first.  He does prefer Variable Annuities over any others since they allow for investing in stock mutual funds with the tax preferred protection of the annuity. You may want to contact one of Dave’s Investment ELP’s to compare options to the plan you are considering. You can visit and click on Investment ELP.