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Is A Medical Exam Required to Get Term Life Insurance?

2023 February 17

Exam-free policy options are more prevalent now than ever before and can be just as affordable as exam-required coverage! However, applying without an exam is dependent on the insurance company with which you apply and can be limited by the amount of coverage you select, your age, and your current health status. 

Dave recommends 10-12 times your income in life insurance coverage so, if you need more than what is allowable to go exam-free, you may need to opt for a policy with the traditional exam.  He does not recommend paying more to avoid the exam unless the price difference is minimal or there are other reasons to incur a higher cost over the time frame of the policy. 

You can easily find out if an exam-free policy are available to you by visiting our website. Once you complete the quick online quote, the companies offering an exam-free option will be  clearly designated in your results. You are also welcome to give us a call at 800-356-4282 and let one of our agents help you find the best option for your needs!

Getting life insurance without an exam is easier than ever, and we look forward to helping you learn about these options to help keep your life simple and protected.